Recycling contrast…..

Lab Rats feat. Lisa Millet – Music Is My Way Of Life

Today I have another example of recycling that really show how development in mixing has developed throughout the years. Just not the mixing, but the whole concept on how music sound and how to get there. Lab Rats take on this classic is in my opinion one of the best recycling approaches I’ve seen. They pretty much made a pure cover of the whole song, but without loosing the soul. Now one might argue that it is simply a cover, but in my book this is still what I would call recycling.

Patti Labelle – Music Is My Way Of Life

I know that it’s kind of mean to let you listen to the original after the recycled version in this case. The original kind of feels like a tire gone flat at first, but as I was playing around with both versions before i started writing this post I realized that you just can’t compare them. The original has a funky feel that is not to be found in the recycled version. But I’d rather dance to the recycled version since it has more punch and is more dance oriented. So the original version who once was great for dancing is now more of the chill out tune that you play when you just want to sit down in your favorite chair and listen to some good music.

Finally I want to give a big cheer to Lisa Millet who is an amazing singer. I don’t think that I’ve mentioned her in my previous lists over underrated singers. But now I have and there are a whole lot more songs with her to be found on YouTube for those who are interested in discovering this wonderful singer.



Nice recycling…..

Capriccio – Everybody Get Up (Jazz ‘N’ Groove Nu Disco Vocal)

The last few days I’ve been listening quite a lot to different Jazz ‘N’ Groove remixes. This is one example of what they accomplished during their peak. A nice recycling of a tune from 1975 which also was used in the movie Saturday Night Fever. Oh, btw, Jazz ‘N’ Groove did the remix of Capriccios recycled version so you don’t get things mixed up.

MFSB – K Jee

It’s quite amazing how they’ve managed to keep the spirit of the song in the recycled version even though it wasn’t recycled in all its parts. The only thing that I’m not completely satisfied with in the “new” version is the extensive use of filter mixing. In general I’m quite tired of that kind of mixing technique. But as with all things nouvel it gained popularity among remixers and is still used extensively.



A Happy Track…..

Happy Trax Vol. 5 – Tuk My Luv

I had never heard this before but I got the same surprise feeling as when i found Trotters Independent Traders last year. This production has a slight taste of Steve “Silk” Hurley but that’s just a positive thing as i see it. I’ll have to dig deeper and learn more about the guys behind Happy Trax since it seems like they produced a bunch of tracks just like Trotters Independent Traders did.

I’ve decided that from the 1st of February I’m going back to blog in Swedish. One reason in addition to those I’ve mentioned before is that I’ll have less time to spend on the blog due to other activities that are coming up this spring. But for all English-speaking readers, you’re all welcome, and even if you don’t understand what I write about there will always be the music to enjoy, and that’s what it’s all about anyway.



A sign of life…..

Groove Junkies Pres Diva 2 Diva – Didn’t I Bring You Love

I’ve been a bit off the last couple of days. Anyway, now I’m back and I just had to present this piece of candy that I found the other week. Another example of great dance music in the 21st century.

This year started with a big change for this blog, I went from blogging in Swedish to try and reach a broader audience by blogging in English. There has been a few drawbacks in this strategy as I’ve noticed. It takes more effort to translate whatever I feel like writing than I thought. And that said I consider myself quite fluent in English so I don’t feel that I lack too much knowledge in a strict language sense. Instead there is this feeling that a lot of the soul of my ideas gets lost in the translation since I naturally think in Swedish.

I guess I’m not the first person to have noticed this, but it has been hampering the blogging quite a lot. So now I’m actually considering to go back and write in Swedish again. It will require some work, changing the categories and so on. Anyway, I haven’t made the final decision yet so we’ll se what happens within the next few weeks.



Soulful and groovy…..

Taktix – Pride And Self Respect (Jazz ‘N’ Groove Vocal Mix)

Another find from yesterday and also a song I’ve never heard before. But it’s no doubt that it’s an Jazz ‘N’ Groove mix, the beat is pretty much the same as the one they used when they remixed Crystal Waters and her last major dance floor hit, Relax. Anyway, it’s a formula that I like a lot, especially thanks to the extensive use of piano. So just sit back and enjoy since it’s quite an enjoyable ride.



This is groovy…..

The Thompson Project feat. Gary L – Messin’ With My Mind (UBP Classic Club Mix)

I was browsing YouTube earlier today and I found tons of great house music from the mid 90’s that I had sort of forgotten about. But I also found stuff that I’ve never heard before and this song is such an example. But since I can’t decide which version is best of two versions I found I decided to post both versions for you to decide yourself.

The Thompson Project feat. Gary L – Messin’ With My Mind

What this second version is called I really don’t know since it doesn’t say anything in the info box of the clip and no info is found in the comments either. Anyway, after having heard both versions a couple of times now I think i prefer the first slightly before the second, but just slightly. 😉



Inspirational mix…..

The Twelves BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix

This is just an amazing mix, though quite contemporary. I found it today after a friend told me about this new site, that I should pay a visit. The best part of the mix in my opinion is from around 78 minutes into the mix which is 119 minutes long. And at 86:28 you’ll hear a beautiful incorporated part of Chic’s Everybody Dance in the mix. The Twelves who have put together this mix are a couple of Brazilian guys that has gotten quite a lot of attention in the DJ-sphere recently.

This post is the first post where i try to use the audio function that WordPress provides so I hope it will work out as I have planned. If it works out well i will probably use it more in the future since it means that I can put up songs that are practically impossible to find on YouTube and not worth trying to upload there because of copyright issues. But in general i will rely on the vast repository of music clips on YouTube which has served me so well for the last three years.

If you want to download this mix you can do it HERE, simply right click the link and choose “Save link as….” and then save it on your hard drive wherever it suits you best.