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Amii Stewart – Friends

I was kind of surprised when I found this on YouTube. I definitely recognized the song from back in the days, but to be honest i had no idea that it was the famous disco-diva Amii Stewart who was singing. So it was kind of a nice surprise to find out that she hadn’t lost her skills even though this tune is far from as energetic as Knock On Wood, Jealousy or Light My Fire was.



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  1. I have this single, and it amazed me she did such a nice song after all the disco-stuff she made way back.


  2. I found a bunch more songs from around the same time that also was really good. But it seems like the marketing was concentrated to Germany which might explain why we did’nt hear that much from her here in Sweden at that time.



  3. As you say, it was a different sound and listening to it again it really reminds me of another classic & great 80’s-tune!

  4. Nice, had totally forgotten about that one. It has a nice touch of ”Don’t Look Any Further” in the bass line that i never thought about before. 😀



  5. You are absolutely right!
    Never thought of that!

    By the way, one of my favourite versions of that song is this one:

  6. Then we have another version that I’ve come to like a lot in recent years.

    M People – Don’t Look Any Further

    For many years I had issues with Heather Small’s voice but nowadays I’ve come to appreciate her singing though I still think she has kind of a weird voice. 😛



  7. Haven’t heard that one either… sounds fine to me 🙂
    I get your point regarding her voice.

    I guess you will agree with me regarding the next track I’m posting here. LAMONT DOZIER and GOING BACK TO ROOTS really works well together with DON’T LOOK ANY FURTHER…


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