Welcome to the party that never ends…..

Poussez – Never Gonna Say Goodbye

This is the first post in what I hope will be a long trail of posts for a long time ahead. My track record is quite good since this blog actually started back in 2007 but it has since moved around for various reasons. The latest move was done yesterday since I’ve decided to write my posts in English after having been writing in Swedish all these years.

So I figured that it was easier to move the blog and start from scratch than to transform my old blog to English. The latter would have complicated things with categories, tags, archiving and so on. Anyway since this blog is about music I guess we better get down to business.

This song is one of my true disco favorites of all times. It has all the ingredients that you build a good disco tune with. What attracts me especially in this song is the mesmerizing song that gives it its special character. There are of course lots of examples of other songs that has a similar approach, but I must still say that this one stands out from the bunch.

It sees like this first post is coming to an end and I hope any new English speaking readers have been able to read it without being to confused. I guess that I’m using what you could call “Scandinavian English” which is a mix of school English, UK English and American English blended with the way we express ourselves in our native language. One thing for instance that i always forget is to write i in uppercase when i refer to myself, like “I” just did. And I’m not sure that i will ever learn it since in Swedish you normally only use capital letters at the beginning of a sentence and in names.

Anyway, the important thing is that you as a reader can understand what I’m trying to say, and should you be confused about what i write, don’t hesitate to ask me what the heck I’m trying to say.



P.S Tjillevippen is actually a made-up word, from one of Astrid Lindgrens books about Nils Karlsson Pyssling, that i have come to use as a catch phrase at the end of anything i write.

2 svar

  1. That whole Poussez-album is a disco masterpiece, kind of.
    I first heard the erotic COME ON AND DO IT which I guess must have been banned in some countries…

    Main main behind Poussez (Alphonse Mouzon) have made some great jazzy/fusion/disco music too:::

  2. Yep, i’d guess that Sweden is one of few places where music isn’t banned because of possible offensive content. Anyway, the tune with Alphonse Mouzon was really good and I definitely recognize the sound as quite familiar to the one used on Poussez productions.




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