Nice recycling…..

B-Biz-R – Sucker For Love (I’m A Sucker For Your Love) (Extended U.S. Mix)

Another tune that i stumbled upon while browsing the suggestions I get from YouTube. A real classic that probably is more known in the version that Rick James produced and sang with Teena Marie back in 1979.

The comments to the clip on YouTube suggests that B-Biz-R actually is Al B Sure, but I haven’t been able to confirm that so if anyone out there knows anything about it I’d be more than happy to learn more.

Anyway, this version is very appealing to me thanks to the heavy synthesizer based bass line along with the funky guitars that creates a nice rhythm to the whole song.



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  1. Not as ”heavy” as the original, it bears its marks from the period it was done – quite uplifting as you suggest.

    … this made me laugh… or maybe I should cry 😉


  2. I saw the Barbarella videos in the list when i was researching for this post but i never took the time to watch any of them since i believed them to be irrelevant, something that you already figured out. 😉 The worst thing is that i recognize this song so it was definitely played in the night clubs i occasionally went to. But i can’t recall that i ever had this or played it myself.



  3. LOL!
    Irrelevant is the key word.
    I am afraid I have to join you, saying that I also recognized the song. Or perhaps we can say it is so similar to many other songs – it SOUNDS familiar 🙂

    This sucker is much better…. have this 7 inch somewhere…

  4. Now we’re talking! 😀 A real funk favorite. I also liked Do It To The Max which was a bit slower.




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