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Kurtis Blow – Throughout Your Years

I can still remember the excitement i felt when i first heard Kurtis Blow in 1980. Back in those days it was  definitely The Breaks that caught my attention the most. But throughout the years 😉 the one song that I’ve come to cherish the most is this. It has such a positive vibe and instantly makes me happy. I’ve always loved the use of piano in dance music and this song is an example where it’s brilliantly used.

I have quite a bunch of songs that I’d like to share at this moment, but I don’t feel like just pushing out posts for the sake of posting songs. I want to feel that I have something to say as well. Anyway, I prefer this situation where I have a whole lot of songs to choose from than being in the place where I simply don’t know what to post at all.



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  1. … and how about the music on this one? Just great.
    But is it an original – or? It sounds so wellknown to me, like something from Ashford & Simpsons repertoire or so.

    As you say, the early days of rap were all about dj’s and with such an positive attitude.

    We all remember this one;

  2. I think this is one early example of ”sampling” in the way we talk about sampling these days. In most such rap songs they recorded their own track just like Sugarhill Gang did with Rappers Delight. But on this one i think they simply used an instrumental version of Ain’t No Stopping Us Now. So they must have cleared it with the record company of McFadden & Whitehead who also are credited if you look closely on the label in the clip.




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