Inspirational mix…..

The Twelves BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix

This is just an amazing mix, though quite contemporary. I found it today after a friend told me about this new site, that I should pay a visit. The best part of the mix in my opinion is from around 78 minutes into the mix which is 119 minutes long. And at 86:28 you’ll hear a beautiful incorporated part of Chic’s Everybody Dance in the mix. The Twelves who have put together this mix are a couple of Brazilian guys that has gotten quite a lot of attention in the DJ-sphere recently.

This post is the first post where i try to use the audio function that WordPress provides so I hope it will work out as I have planned. If it works out well i will probably use it more in the future since it means that I can put up songs that are practically impossible to find on YouTube and not worth trying to upload there because of copyright issues. But in general i will rely on the vast repository of music clips on YouTube which has served me so well for the last three years.

If you want to download this mix you can do it HERE, simply right click the link and choose “Save link as….” and then save it on your hard drive wherever it suits you best.