A sign of life…..

Groove Junkies Pres Diva 2 Diva – Didn’t I Bring You Love

I’ve been a bit off the last couple of days. Anyway, now I’m back and I just had to present this piece of candy that I found the other week. Another example of great dance music in the 21st century.

This year started with a big change for this blog, I went from blogging in Swedish to try and reach a broader audience by blogging in English. There has been a few drawbacks in this strategy as I’ve noticed. It takes more effort to translate whatever I feel like writing than I thought. And that said I consider myself quite fluent in English so I don’t feel that I lack too much knowledge in a strict language sense. Instead there is this feeling that a lot of the soul of my ideas gets lost in the translation since I naturally think in Swedish.

I guess I’m not the first person to have noticed this, but it has been hampering the blogging quite a lot. So now I’m actually considering to go back and write in Swedish again. It will require some work, changing the categories and so on. Anyway, I haven’t made the final decision yet so we’ll se what happens within the next few weeks.