A Happy Track…..

Happy Trax Vol. 5 – Tuk My Luv

I had never heard this before but I got the same surprise feeling as when i found Trotters Independent Traders last year. This production has a slight taste of Steve “Silk” Hurley but that’s just a positive thing as i see it. I’ll have to dig deeper and learn more about the guys behind Happy Trax since it seems like they produced a bunch of tracks just like Trotters Independent Traders did.

I’ve decided that from the 1st of February I’m going back to blog in Swedish. One reason in addition to those I’ve mentioned before is that I’ll have less time to spend on the blog due to other activities that are coming up this spring. But for all English-speaking readers, you’re all welcome, and even if you don’t understand what I write about there will always be the music to enjoy, and that’s what it’s all about anyway.





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