Nice recycling…..

Capriccio – Everybody Get Up (Jazz ‘N’ Groove Nu Disco Vocal)

The last few days I’ve been listening quite a lot to different Jazz ‘N’ Groove remixes. This is one example of what they accomplished during their peak. A nice recycling of a tune from 1975 which also was used in the movie Saturday Night Fever. Oh, btw, Jazz ‘N’ Groove did the remix of Capriccios recycled version so you don’t get things mixed up.

MFSB – K Jee

It’s quite amazing how they’ve managed to keep the spirit of the song in the recycled version even though it wasn’t recycled in all its parts. The only thing that I’m not completely satisfied with in the “new” version is the extensive use of filter mixing. In general I’m quite tired of that kind of mixing technique. But as with all things nouvel it gained popularity among remixers and is still used extensively.




2 svar

  1. Nice use of a great classic!


  2. Yep, and there are tons of such examples which I will be writing about in future posts. 😀




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