Recycling contrast…..

Lab Rats feat. Lisa Millet – Music Is My Way Of Life

Today I have another example of recycling that really show how development in mixing has developed throughout the years. Just not the mixing, but the whole concept on how music sound and how to get there. Lab Rats take on this classic is in my opinion one of the best recycling approaches I’ve seen. They pretty much made a pure cover of the whole song, but without loosing the soul. Now one might argue that it is simply a cover, but in my book this is still what I would call recycling.

Patti Labelle – Music Is My Way Of Life

I know that it’s kind of mean to let you listen to the original after the recycled version in this case. The original kind of feels like a tire gone flat at first, but as I was playing around with both versions before i started writing this post I realized that you just can’t compare them. The original has a funky feel that is not to be found in the recycled version. But I’d rather dance to the recycled version since it has more punch and is more dance oriented. So the original version who once was great for dancing is now more of the chill out tune that you play when you just want to sit down in your favorite chair and listen to some good music.

Finally I want to give a big cheer to Lisa Millet who is an amazing singer. I don’t think that I’ve mentioned her in my previous lists over underrated singers. But now I have and there are a whole lot more songs with her to be found on YouTube for those who are interested in discovering this wonderful singer.




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  1. Vi kör även detta på svenska:
    Körde bil idag och lyssnade på en best of med Chicago. Saknade en låt från deras första LP som jag diggade skarpt. Var tvungen att söka på YouTube – och fann då också att den för några år sedan samplats i följande låt:

  2. Där var det en rejäl rippning de hade gjort. Det fick mig att tänka på ett annat exempel som jag nog ska ta upp på bloggen, måste bara researcha lite först då jag glömt bort hur allt hänger ihop.




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