3 x Prelude Classics…..

D-Train – You’re The One For Me

This is the first of three classic Prelude tracks that i felt that i had to revisit. They are all special in the sense that they pretty much set the standard on how dance music should really sound in the early 80’s.

Gayle Adams – Love Fever

I can still remember when i was a teen and anytime i saw a record with the characteristic Prelude label i got really excited. In retrospect i can’t say that there were that many bad productions coming from this legendary label. Instead it was pretty much a label that promised good quality dance music. Music that also evolved the dance music by using synthesizers in a much broader fashion than we had seen before.

Sharon Redd – Beat The Street

I have a quite clear memory of this song as it was used in a swedish tv-show called “Jacobs stege” which was broadcast on national television in Sweden from 1985 to 1988. It was hosted by the late Jacob Dahlin and he had a particular interest in Soviet and modern Soviet/Russian culture, and remember that this was just a few years before the Soviet Union dissolved.

So he made frequent visits to Moscow with his tv-crew and one episode of his show was sort of a night life coverage with images from the streets of Moscow of the mid 80’s. As background music to this coverage he used Sharon Redd’s Beat The Street, and ever since i always see the images of the streets of Moscow in my mind whenever i hear this song. I guess it stuck to me so strong just because Beat The Street was one of my favorite tunes in the early 80’s.

Well, this was three true Prelude classics and these three songs in my opinion are the most emblematic songs that was released on this label.



Time for some butt kickin’…..

Inner Life Featuring Jocelyn Brown – Ain’t No Mountain High Enough (Larry Levan’s Garage Mix)

It’s not that often that a cover version of a classic tune kicks the butt off the original. But in this case it’s no doubt that Jocelyn Brown owns this song. Now I must admit that I’m quite biased since Jocelyn Brown is my all time favorite female singer. Nevertheless the whole production feels so much tighter compared to the original. Maybe it’s also because the original is actually a soul song and now it has been transformed into a disco anthem.

By the way, there is another version of this song that I like a lot too. Unfortunately I couldn’t find it on YouTube but hopefully it will pop up there someday in the future. It’s a version with Howard Hewett and Stacy Lattisaw from 1988. What I find so special about that version is that it’s extremely clean in its production and both Howard and Stacy have the vocal resources to pull it all the way to a successful ending. So if you never heard that version I can recommend you to search for it wherever you can and give it a listen.



Den här hade man glömt…..

Steve Walsh – Ain’t No Stopping Us Now

Har ju tidigare haft med lite olika covers på den här låten och idag ramlade jag på den här bortglömda pärlan. Steve Walsh som var en färgstark DJ råkade dessvärre ut för en bilolycka på Ibiza 1988 så han finns inte längre med bland oss. Hur som helst så är den här tolkningen inte alls så tokig utan hamnar bland de bättre på min lista i alla fall.