A rapping genius…..

Kurtis Blow – Throughout Your Years

I can still remember the excitement i felt when i first heard Kurtis Blow in 1980. Back in those days it was  definitely The Breaks that caught my attention the most. But throughout the years 😉 the one song that I’ve come to cherish the most is this. It has such a positive vibe and instantly makes me happy. I’ve always loved the use of piano in dance music and this song is an example where it’s brilliantly used.

I have quite a bunch of songs that I’d like to share at this moment, but I don’t feel like just pushing out posts for the sake of posting songs. I want to feel that I have something to say as well. Anyway, I prefer this situation where I have a whole lot of songs to choose from than being in the place where I simply don’t know what to post at all.