Ground breaking…..

MFSB – Mysteries Of The World

This tune caught my attention because of the bass line. I can’t remember that I’ve heard this original song before but I’m definitely sure that I’ve heard the bass line before. So I guess it has been both sampled and recycled throughout the years. I’m just a bit annoyed that I can’t figure out what other songs there are where I’ve heard this bass line. Oh, I almost forgot, the intro is just over one minute and not that fun so in case you need to save some time i suggest you fast forward to around 1:10 and then you’ll hear the music start for real.




5 svar

  1. Hello my friend, and good luck with the new blog!!!
    Looks good!

    This one sets off the pace perfectly for you blog –
    a masterpiece, as is your selection of nice danceable stuff:

  2. I think I introduced you to this song early last december. At least you thought you had never heard it before in your comment to my post when i presented it. 😉

    Anyway, it’s a real Mayday classic since i have it on my one and only live recording from Mayday Club. 😀



    • Quite true – and a good way to point out your excellent taste in music 🙂


  3. … in other words – your musical taste is…

  4. There is another band that would have been fun to see live on stage. The list seem to be never ending when it comes to great bands that are true stage performers.




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